Sunday, March 29, 2009

Julianna tried her infant hand at hair design with scissors this morning before church - and was so proud, she told Daddy she "didn't even poke herself!" Mommy was hysterical ("You're scaring me, Mom!"), much to her (mom's) shame. Its just hair. But look how much she cut off! A visit to Great Clips this afternoon resulted in short hair, but not fixed hair. Julianna doesn't seem fazed at all, though after a few lengthy discussions reminding her that we leave hair-cutting to other people, hopefully, she has learned her lesson. "After" pictures to follow.

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EMJ said...

My sister did this when she was about the same age. My mother was horrified! My sister decided that her hair had to go because it was in the way of the buttons of her pajamas.
Her new haircut is still very cute. :o)