Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Julianna has asked me almost everyday this past winter if she can go out and ride her bike. Now the weather is beautiful and the kids spend most of the day outside. I am really enjoying the fact that Julianna is acting older now - I feel okay about having them outside by themselves as long as I can see and hear them. She is pretty responsible - they're both great! Last weekend we got Juli a "new" bike, and a helmet. And now Aidan has Juli's old bike - a "motorcycle" tricycle. Both kids are really enjoying their bikes these days. I love to watch Aidan "ride" his bike! My neighbor calls it "Fred Flinstone-ing". If I can get a good video, I'll post it sometime.


ChurchPunkMom said...

My oldest boys had big wheels that looked a lot like his motorcycle. :)

Life is so much more relaxing when you can start letting them play outside on their own! (and so much neater around my house.. lol)

Lisa said...

So cute. I love this time of year. We just have to get the seat and handlebars back on Sophie's bike and she'll be off!

Anna said...

Very cute picture! They are growing up so fast! We have been excited over here because they finished the sidewalk in front of our house. Now my nephews can ride from their house and past mine without having to go into the street!